O altă surpriză

Pe Ada o ştiu  virtual de ceva ani, de când nici prin gând nu îmi trecea mie că o să am şi eu un blog. Citeam în fiecare zi tot ce posta ea, mă amuzam, unori comentam timid la câte un articol, am devenit prietene şi pe FB, uneori ne mai scriem câteva cuvinte.

Acum am ajuns, eu, Ralucuţa să fiu pomenită de această doamnă minunată într-un articol la ea pe blog.

Mulţumesc Ada 🙂

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  1. bellissimo post. ho sempre pensato esattamente le stesse cose. se ti interessa, è un mio post su argomento analogo (scritto peggio e da un punto di vista più astratto e meno politico).evidentemente è una percezione condivisa. la cosa è interessante.(è del resto il motivo per cui ti leggo, benchè la pensi diversamente da te su numerosi principi di fondo)

  2. cam sial jer pompuan2 murahan nih…klau anak aku, mmg aku bagi penampar kat situ gak…tak senonoh…baik gi nyundal siang2 camni…nak termuntah ade gak nengok dorg nih….nape lah kat Msia ni klau benda2 camni boleh lak diHALALKAN….???klau bab Dr Asri nak bagi ceramah, kene tangkap cam wat jenayah besar…BODOH TOL LAH….

  3. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this website. I am hoping the same high-grade web site post from you in the upcoming also. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own website now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a great example of it.

  4. bagaimana kalau kos yang dipilih memerlukan band 4 dalam muet tapi pelajar tersebut telah memperolehi band 2?tambahan pula pelajar tersebut memperolehi pointer yang bagus…… kalau mengulang, muet result mungkin akan keluar lewat sedangkan kemasukan ipta adalah pada bulan 7…?

  5. I learned that there is crying in football… I was (am) the only French supporter surrounded by my co-workers who mocked me as we watched and I cried at how inept of a team Mes Bleus are. My only hope is in 2012 / 2014. I *hate* Ray-Ray and I hate the collective egos of a sub-par national team that is trying to re-live 2002 all over again. It just makes me say, Go USA !

  6. But would a one-state solution treat both the European Jews that make up a significant part of the population and the Arabs that make up a much larger part of the population as equals?Not from what I saw.The Palestinian people are not the caricatures you hear about in the US or in Israel. But it serves a very narrow and prejudiced agenda to portray them that way.

  7. @ Thousandaire.com, the charge is such a ridiculous one and their justification is so weak that I don’t feel bad at all.How is threatening them any better? If I can simply call and ask them to remove it and they do, then the fee is really indefensible.Have you ever seen the show Leverage? I’d like to think of it like that.

  8. “NOI was and still is a cult”.You should check the definition of cult through the years.Cult originally referred to any religion.Since the blossoming of fundamentalist christian theology, the term came to mean any religion not considered “mainstream”.I am not asking you to just take my word for it. Just research dictionary definitions in the 1960/70′s and onward. I’m not sure what year it changed, but you’ll notice. “Cult” clearly referred to any religion.

  9. Kemikaalicocktail on kuin vastakohta Ostolakossa- blogille: molemmissa testaillaan ja arvioidaan kosmetiikkaa ja lukija bongaa omasta mielestään parhaat jutut kokeiltavaksi ja molemmissa blogeissa huomioidaan myös, että kehon sisäinen hyvinvointi vaikuttaa ulkoiseen hyvinvointiin ja eritoten ihon ja hiusten kuntoon! En yhtään ihmettele, että varsinkin pienemmät ja tuntemattomat yritykset mielellään laittavat näytteitä blogin pitäjälle.

  10. Not at all…Brandy was over the top with this performance. I was sooo rooting for her but she was a big disappointment and I’m a Brandy fan. I hate to say this but I must give it up to Monica she delievered in every way on her tribute to Whitney. She owned the tribute. She already had the crowd of their feet from her performance. Some began to sit down as Brandy got into her performance. She was doing wayyy too much…

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  12. I’m currently reading Nate Silver’s new book, “The Signal and the Noise” which is about forecasting, making predictions, and some of the psychological problems people have about them.For example, that people who love stats about baseball often dismiss things that cannot be easily quantified – such as defense. Some of Billy Beane’s A’s teams just shoved DH-style players into the outfield and Beane found out a few years later that it may have cost them anywhere from 5-10 wins a season. The A’s of the past few years have been significantly better defensively.

  13. I know and agree with you! The list is for more conventional parents, who are perhaps,a bit overwhelmed at first to EC their baby. That and you don’t need a potty at first anyway: we EC with a tupper ware container or I take the babies to the sink to pee.That’s great that your Boppy gets used! Mine -not so much and I am not sure why…

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  15. je suis vaccinée depuis le 25/11 et comme vous Josiane j’ai eu 8 jours plus tard l’apparition de fourmillements dans les mains et les pieds,ainsi que des douleurs muculaires.Les fourmillements ont presque disparus mais les douleurs musculaires persistent et sont pénibles…Tenez moi au courant de l’évolution de vos symptômes,en espérant qu’ils seront bientôt qu’un mauvais souvenir!

  16. As I read this i knew i wanted to leave a comment but I am speechless. You are auch a wonderful image of how God is constantly wanting to work in our lives, but as others when times get hard they forget to turn their hearts and eyes upward, you so trustingly did! Steph, how brave and wonderful. Your commitment to our Father is so visible.Thank you so much for your story. So inspiring.

  17. Underbart Ramona! Ditt inlägg är en motvikt mot allt negativt som skrivs om äldreomsorgen, sjukvården, etc. Även jag vet att det finns andra sidor som sällan redovisas i gammelmedia. Igår lördag t ex, var jag inne i Oskarshamn och hälsade på en sjuk granne på ett s k avlastningscenter. Jag var glad när jag åkte därifrån, för jag såg och förstod att kommunen satsat mycket på att de gamla ska ha det bra.

  18. Grande storia, Luca. Anche se non ho creduto ad una sola tua parola, sin dall'inizio del post :)Wired e Vela Magazine dal medico della mutua? Gente con il macbook in sala d'attesa? Fantascienza bella e buona, da queste parti. E non ce la caviamo nemmeno malissimo in quanto a sanità, a Torino.A parte che se dal medico della mutua dovessi mai trovare Millionaire, ribalterei pareti e mattonelle.P.S.: E comunque grandi Royksopp.

  19. If you make them worth money, at some point people are going to be compelled to sell them.That’s an unwarranted leap. Certain stem cells are valuable. Certain sperm is valuable. Blood is valuable. Certain ovum are valuable. And nobody in America, at least, is compelled to sell any of them. I doubt that livers, hearts, or other organs will be handled any differently.

  20. Hôm trước cháu đọc và rơi nước mắt, đã đi thắp hương cầu nguyện, giờ thì cháu tin rằng điều kì diệu sẽ xảy ra, nếu như có tình yêu của những người ko quen biết dành cho nhau! Cám ơn cuộc đời!

  21. én is szivesen el fogadnék bármilyen segitséget ugyanis öt gyermeket nevelek és szinte ki kell költöznünk a házból mert annyi a tartozás kérem önnöket mielöbb válaszoljanak tisztelettel anita

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